Southern California's Geospatial Unconference

WhereCampSoCal is a free, volunteer-created unconference on geography and geospatial technology. This year’s gathering will be held July 12th-13th, 2013, at San Diego State University's Department of Geography. It'll be a day and a half of discussion, networking, demos, and all manner of geospatial goodness. Special thanks to our sponsors for making it possible. 

SCHEDULE 2013 (detailed)
Friday, July 12th: Sign-in starts at 3:30PM and things kick off at 4:00PM. The Friday main event will be lightning talks from 7:00-8:00PM.

Saturday, July 13th: Sign-in starts at 9:00AM; WhereCamp begins at 9:30AM with session proposals and scheduling. Sessions run from 10:00AM-5:00PM.

North Education Building, Room 60
San Diego State University 
Department of Geography
San Diego, CA

(1) Register and attend. Registration helps us estimate venue and food needs. (2) Talk about the event and ask questions on Twitter at @wherecampsocal; (3) Make sure your friends know about the event. This event flyer (pdf) might help.

If so, please do. WhereCamp participants are cool, smart people (alpha geek developers and geospatial thought leaders). If you want to be on the radar of that crowd, chip in some pizza money

Group shot from WhereCampSoCal 2011. (organizer note: among those in this photo from two years ago, I see two CEOs that sold their companies to Fortune 500 companies, three graduate students that now are PhDs with professorships, two artists, and many talented geospatial developers).

What is a WhereCamp?

WhereCamp is a community led grassroots conference for Geo enthusiasts, developers, scholars, and artists.

WhereCamp (like other BarCamps) is built on the ideas originally put forth by FooCamp, except that attendance is open to anyone. It is an unconference where the attendees drive the content of the sessions the day of instead of having a prescribed schedule and set of content.

Therefore, the event is what you make of it, and is only as fun as the people who attend. So be prepared to speak and contribute. If you are still not sure, then read up on the original FooCamp and BarCamps - these events are a radical shift from the kinds of conferences you may be used to and draw on a set of specific tools to invite and foster participation.

The goal of WhereCamp is to simply encourage social cross pollination of ideas between professionals and enthusiasts, engineers and artists. By being totally free to participants, the goal is to attract and include as many interesting voices as possible and spark new ideas and projects in the geospatial field. WhereCamp originally was a complement to O'Reilly's Where2.0 Conference. The Camp added an organic vibe to uncover and explore fruitful topics outside the formal conference agenda.The measurable outcome is when people say they started new collaborations based on WhereCamp.

The organizers of WhereCampSoCal 2013, Jeffrey Johnson and Rhonda Glennon can be reached at: